Playwright Tanika Gupta career overview

7th June 2009



The playwright gives a career overview to Aleks Sierz, talking about her plays, Voices on the Wind (National, 1998), The Waiting Room (National, 2000), Sanctuary (National, 2002), Gladiator Games (Sheffield, 2005) and Sugar Mummies (Royal Court, 2006). Recorded at Staging Interculturality, the 18th Annual Conference of the German Society for Contemporary Drama in English, held in Vienna. Substantial extract. (Edited transcript available as ‘Writing Beyond the Stereotypes (Tanika Gupta in Conversation with Aleks Sierz)’, in Werner Huber, Margarete Rubik and Julia Novak (eds), Staging Interculturality (CDE 17), Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2010.)

All these Indian ladies turned up, hoping just to buy a ticket – the whole of the Embankment was full of saris, and they tried to storm the stage door.