Career overview: playwright Dennis Kelly

6th June 2010

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The playwright gives a career overview to Aleks Sierz, talking about his plays, Debris (2003), Osama the Hero (2005), After the End (2005), Love and Money (2007), Taking Care of Baby (2007), and Orphans (2008). Recorded at Narrative in Drama, the 19th Annual Conference of the German Society for Contemporary Drama in English, held in Paderborn. Substantial extract. Expletives not deleted. (Edited transcript available as ‘Narrative in Contemporary Drama (Dennis Kelly in Conversation with Aleks Sierz)’, in Merle Tönnies and Christina Flotmann (eds), Narrative in Drama (CDE 18), Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2011.)

I wanted Love and Money to shift every time you come to a new scene so that you feel that there is something different happening all the time.