Writer and director Stephen Unwin on his new play All Our Children

26th May 2017

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INTERVIEW: STEPHEN UNWIN. Writer and director Stephen Unwin talks to TheatreVOICE about his new and intensely personal play All Our Children, which is showing at the Jermyn Street Theatre until 3 June 2017. This play turns the spotlight on a lesser-known Nazi atrocity – the mass killings of disabled children and focuses on one of the so-called ‘clinics’ and the awakening conscience of the doctor who runs it. Unwin dedicates his drama to his son Joey, who has learning difficulties, and so this first play from the acclaimed theatre director is an intensely personal story. He speaks to Judi Herman about the play and the history behind it; and touches on a career that includes founding the English Touring Theatre and opening the Rose Theatre Kingston. Recorded at The Royal College of Music on 25 May 2017.

“Having directed a lot of Ibsen and quite a lot of naturalism, I’m very intrigued by – there are five characters in the play and it’s all in one room –  how politically broad, how politically engaged you can make a group of individuals. It’s all about how the political world outside plays through individual choices and attitudes.”