Paul Mason talks about his playwriting debut and the Paris Commune

27th April 2017

Paul Mason
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INTERVIEW: PAUL MASON. The former economics editor of Newsnight and Channel 4 News, author of Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future and Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere talks to Dominic Cavendish about bringing the latter to the stage at the Young Vic in a unique experiment with the BBC, and his playwriting debut Divine Chaos of Starry Things, about the 19th century French anarcho-activist Louise Michel (which runs at the White Bear, London April-May 2017). Recorded in London, 24-04-2017. Further details at PaulMasonNews.

“I’ve presented Channel 4 News live from Gaza with bombs dropping around me – I think that was an arduous and challenging task. Step onto an 11-yard space of board in the Young Vic and.. everything shit can happen to you – in front of the cameras, in the public space and in the rehearsal space. It has been an educative process for me to lose that aura of invulnerability and indeed one cannot step into a dramatic space without learning to be vulnerable.”