Panel discussion about Anthony Burgess and A Clockwork Orange (2/2)

26th November 2012



Panel discussion about A Clockwork Orange (Soho Theatre), chaired by Soho’s artistic director Steve Marmion, with Alexandra Spencer-Jones, the director of the production, plus Andrew Biswell (author of The Real life of Anthony Burgess) and John Sutherland (Emeritus Lord Northcliffe Professor of English Literature at University College London). With an extract from Burgess’s reissued Napoleon Symphony (Serpent’s Tail) read by Martin McCreadie, the actor who plays Alex. Expletives not deleted. Recording quality variable. Recorded at the Soho Theatre, 24 November 2012.

Burgess told the story to a journalist, who then wrote it up as ‘Clockwork Orange Gang Raped My Wife’ – and that wasn’t it at all.