Malvolio’s Misorder at the V&A

17th April 2016

Malvolio's Misoder -Shakesspeare performance 12/04/2016
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INTERVIEW: DOMINIC GERRARD. The writer and director of this special 35-minute pop-up performance in the V&A’s Gallery 57 for Shakespeare400 talks to Heather Neill about bringing the Bard and the ‘Bed of Ware’ into the heart of London’s most gargantuan cultural institution. Joining him are the cast: Alasdair Craig (National Theatre/ Propeller), Lotte Allan (Dumbshow), Nick Haverson (RSC/ Improbable). Recorded at the V&A on April 15, 2016. Event runs to April 27, 2016. Details: “Meet Malvolio who has been practising speeches all day for his tour of Lady Olivia’s private collections but things very quickly start to go wrong once his guests arrive…”

“The Bed of Ware is so giant and so gleeful and it is mentioned by Sir Toby Belch so it demanded [Twelfth Night be the subject].”