Filter theatre company explores the sounds and fury of Macbeth

9th March 2015

Alison Reid (Ross), Ferdy Roberts (Macbeth) and Alan Pagan (Musician). Photo: Tim Morozzo
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Filter theatre company’s director Ferdy Roberts, who also plays the title role, and Tom Haines, composer/musician, speak to Judi Herman about their latest touring production, Macbeth, which puts the company’s hallmark of sound and music literally centre stage as the action is led by the weird sisters, who play a range of found instruments to draw Macbeth into their story. Afterwards, Haines demonstrates his ‘gamelan’. Recorded at the Vaults, Waterloo, 12 February 2015.

Shakespeare’s language is absolutely laced with references to sound. If you follow the stories as a score, you will inevitably come up with an interesting music shape, so full of description and direction for sound and music.