Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe, 2015: round-table round-up

23rd August 2015

The Encounter, by Complicite
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EDINBURGH FESTIVAL 2015: REVIEW SPECIAL. Philip Fisher of the British Theatre Guide convenes Mark Fisher, critic and author of How to Write About Theatre (Bloomsbury), together with critic Neil Cooper of The Herald to talk about the hits (and misses) of the international festival and the fringe this year; their conversation takes in Robert Lepage’s latest (887), the new one from Complicite (The Encounter), the Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy, Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour and more besides. Recorded: 22 August 2015.

“It’s a far starrier – I use that word in inverted commas, they’re still quite niche – Festival programme.  That in itself is making a statement in a way that previous festival directors haven’t really done for a long time. There’s something to grab hold of there if you’re not maybe a regular theatre audience.”