Canadian playwright Arthur Milner discusses his controversial Facts

6th March 2013



The Canadian Jewish playwright and theatre practitioner talks to Judi Herman about his play Facts (Finborough Theatre). Set in the West Bank in Palestine and inspired by a true story, two detectives — one Israeli, one Palestinian — put aside their differences to find the killer of an American archaeologist and discover what he was excavating that cost him his life. Milner also reads from the play and speaks about its tour to the West Bank and Israel in an Arabic translation and about his career. Recorded: 3 March 2013.

And then somebody would say, “It’s not a real Palestinian character, because you show an honest cop and we don’t have any honest cops”… but I loved it when one woman said, “Well it’s theatre, and even if we don’t have people like that, it shows a model for how we should behave.”