Actor David Horovitch talks about his role in Miller’s All My Sons at the Rose Theatre

14th November 2016

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INTERVIEW: DAVID HOROVITCH. The actor talks to Judi Herman about playing Joe Keller in Arthur Miller’s first big hit, All My Sons, at the Rose Theatre Kingston. The production is directed by Michael Rudman, who knew Miller and directed Dustin Hoffman in an award-winning production of Death of a Salesman. David Horovitch’s character, Joe, is the father at the heart of the story. He lost a son in World War II and his factory manufactured faulty aircraft parts which caused other fathers to lose their sons too. Horovitch also talks briefly about playing Handel in Nick Drake’s play All the Angels: Handel and the First Messiah, soon to be seen at The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. This interview was recorded at the Rose Theatre on 10 November 2016.

“It’s very much a play about my character, Joe, who really doesn’t realise what he’s done, or he doesn’t see the harm in what he’s done. It has the inexorable quality of a Greek tragedy. .. It’s tremendously complex as a play, although when you are watching it, I like to think it feels very simple. It has the sort of simplicity of a thriller. It unravels like a thriller.”

All My Sons continues at the Rose Theatre, Kingston to 19 November.