Suzanne Andrade of 1927 introduces Golem to the world

28th December 2014

Golem. Photo: Bernhard Müller
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The co-founder, with Paul Barritt, of 1927 theatre company, and writer and director of Golem at the Young Vic, talks to Judi Herman about this reworking of the legend of the Golem, a man with superhuman powers who has been formed from clay, as a futuristic fable projecting how humanity might find itself in thrall to technology. It’s told in 1927’s groundbreaking style, mixing sophisticated animation, physical theatre and original music. Recorded at the Young Vic, 22 December 2014.

You serve the animation and the animation serves you as well, but your ego as a performer has to be left at the door and you’re constantly aware of the bigger picture and how you fit in. And it’s the same with the music — all the music and all the text is intertwined.