Urban Scrawl continues with… Hatton Cross

27th November 2009



By Jessica Beck. Cast: J D Kelleher (George); Mitchell Mullen (Welles); Irina Aggrey (Anya); Michael D’Cruze (Judge Parmar); Ryan Hacker (Usher); Ayo Aloba (Security); Mitchell Mullen (Boss); Charlotte Allmand (Farmhand); Max Hutchinson (Voice); Michael D’Cruze (Groundkeeper); Veronica Lewis (Plane Spotter 1); Robert Plumbly (Plane Spotter 2); Max Hutchinson (Tube Worker). Directed by Mike Fentiman. Technical recording manager: Elayne Hall. Recording manager: Matt Knowles. Recorded at Rose Bruford College. For full details and disclaimer visit the ‘find out more’ section.

‘Mr Carlisle, I need your help. If you don’t help me, I am going to be deported…’