Urban Scrawl continues with… Covent Garden

1st May 2009



By Sarah Grochala. Cast: Eleanor Barr (Rosie); Christopher Cookson (Matt); Doreen Mantle (Bag Lady); Dana Gartland (Ivy); Lauryn Redding (Lady in Market); other parts played by members of the company. Directed by Tim Roseman. Studio manager: Malin Mork. Editor: Ben Davies. Recording manager: Marina Caldarone. Recorded at Rose Bruford College. Expletives not deleted. For full details and disclaimer visit the ‘find out more’ section.

My heart pounding, up towards the Opera House then round the corner of the Piazza… I need to run forever… waves of nausea sweep over me. Then I stop – there’s one of those space-age toilets right in front of me.