Theatrevoice review of 2011 (part 2)

23rd December 2011

Theatrevoice review of the year (part 2): Mark Shenton and guests Kate Bassett (Independent on Sunday), David Benedict (Variety) and Matt Wolf (International Herald Tribune) convene for their second lookback in critical appreciation of the theatregoing year in 2011. This round, it’s “Highlight of the Year”, “Lowlight of the Year”, and “Special Award” time… Recorded at the V&A

“My lowlight was dramaturgy at the National Theatre: Greenland, The Holy Rosenbergs, 13, Frankenstein, all had scripts that were not ready. I don’t understand how a building of that scale is allowing scripts onto the stage before they are ready… It’s not that I had to love everything but I don’t go to the Royal Court and go “That play is a draft away from being a good play”. And Frankenstein’s writing was lamentable.” David Benedict