Theatres Trust Conference 2014: Community Theatres (session 4)

9th June 2014

The final session looked at a range of exciting and ambitious projects that aim to  improve markedly the community role and value each panellist’s theatre offers. Sheena Wrigley, Chief Executive, West Yorkshire Playhouse; Cllr Phil Thompson, Saltburn Arts; Deborah Bestwick, Director, Ovalhouse. Chair: David Jubb, artistic director of BAC. Recorded at Leeds City Varieties, April 28 2014.

“Think it through – it’s not enough to say a building is deteriorating. Unless it has a function, there is little point in organising a Community Asset Transfer. You should have a group that is properly constituted. These are fundamental points. Governance is of the essence… Is there a sustainable business plan? Without that all these aspirations mean nothing.” Phil Thompson, Saltburn Arts