Sandi Toksvig post-show discussion on Bully Boy

15th May 2011

Joshua Miles & Anthony Andrews in Bully Boy (pic by Mike Eddowes)

Joshua Miles and Anthony Andrews in Bully Boy. Photo: Mike Eddowes


Broadcaster Sandi Toksvig joins director Patrick Sandford, Simon Blagden, former Captain in the Paratroopers (currently on the Appeals committee of charity Combat Stress) and Andrew Cameron, chief executive of Combat Stress (the UK’s leading military charity specialising in the care of veterans’ mental health) for a short discussion of the issues raised by her drama Bully Boy, currently at the Nuffield Theatre Southampton. Recorded: 15 May 2011.

It’s a curious thing: the starting point was that one statistic about the Falklands – that more people who served in the Falklands have since committed suicide than died in the war – I didn’t know that. I was marginally appalled by how little I knew about it…