New York Special: Jesse Berger on Stateside Jacobean drama

10th January 2016

Jesse Buckley
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INTERVIEW: JESSE BERGER. The artistic director of Red Bull Theater talks to Philip Fisher about their latest production, The Changeling, the company’s genesis and mission to present Jacobean theatre and Shakespeare to New Yorkers, reviving plays rarely, if ever seen in the city. Recorded at Red Bull Theater offices, 7th Avenue, 09-01-2016.

“I go for American accents without being too regional about it… Ironically, in this cast we have a British actor… I liked him, and wanted to cast him but I forced him to do an American accent. It wouldn’t have made sense for the character to be that much of an outsider… The British accents of today have nothing to do with the accents in which the plays were originally written.”