Interview: Sylvia Milo and Janice Orlandi on The Other Mozart

12th September 2015

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INTERVIEW: SYLVIA MILO and JANICE ORLANDI. Sylvia Milo is the writer/ performer of one-woman show The Other Mozart, the story of Mozart’s older sister ‘Nannerl’, who was a talented performer and composer in her own right.  She speaks to Judi Herman, along with her movement director Janice Orlandi,
who gives a masterclass on period movement and the language of the fan! Recorded at St James Theatre on 10 Sept 2015.

“I was in Vienna visiting the Mozart House, which is now a museum and on the exit wall there was a Mozart family portrait. In it she’s already in her twenties, she has this humongous hairdo and that drew my attention to this little tiny picture and I found out there was a sister, performing together because they were actually seated at a keyboard, their hands intertwined and when I started researching I couldn’t believe how important the story is.”