Malgorzata Cohen on a Polish/ American Antigone, now in London

23rd June 2015

Malgorzata Cohen
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INTERVIEW: MALGORZATA COHEN. The director of a UK premiere production of “Antigone in New York”,  Polish-born playwright Janusz Glowacki’s 1993 free adaptation of Sophocles’ Antigone, talks to Dominic Cavendish about the play, and her hopes of bringing more experimental Polish work to London audiences. The show runs at the Rag Factory, London, from Thurs to Sun, 25-28 June. Ticket availability: ticketsource. Further information:

“I’m sure everyone has felt stuck in their lives at some point. All the characters here are stuck – they can’t make a decision. They could go back to their respective countries and start again but they can’t. They feel stuck emotionally and intellectually.”