Hofesh Shechter

10th May 2018

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INTERVIEW: HOFESH SHECHTER. David Jays meets the influential Israeli-born choreographer Hofesh Shechter – one of the most distinctive presences in contemporary dance today. Since forming his own company in 2008, Shechter has won a wide-ranging global fan base with his idiosyncratic choreographic style: a mash-up of eclectic influences from earthy tribal rituals to ecstatic illegal raves via courtly Tudor dance. In this interview, they discuss Shechter’s route into choreography and his creative process, as well as how taking his work outside of traditional dance venues has fundamentally changed the way that it’s seen. Recorded at East London Dance in Stratford, London on 26th March 2018.

“Dance is weird. It’s on the grey line between storytelling and something more abstract.”