Emteaz Hussain on her Asian rewrite of Lorca: Blood

17th June 2015

Tamasha's production of Blood. Adam Samuel-Bal (Sully) and Krupa Pattani (Caneze). Photo credit - Robert Day (2)
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INTERVIEW: EMTEAZ HUSSAIN. The writer of Blood, a two-hander produced by Tamasha theatre company, talks to Suman Bhuchar about mashing up Blood Wedding. Recorded on June 10 2015, at Nottingham Playhouse. Tours to end of June, details www.tamasha.org.uk. Director, Esther Richardson.
Designer, Sara Perks. Cast: Krupa Pattani & Adam Samuel-Bal.

“It’s bitter sweet in that there is a love story and there is grace and there is love, but at the same time there is some harsh brutality and I think that’s life, I think that’s life in its entirety.”