Death of a Salesman cast

20th December 2019

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INTERVIEW: DEATH OF A SALESMAN CAST. Marianne Elliott and Miranda Cromwell’s revelatory Death of a Salesman cast the Loman clan as an African-American family, striving against the stream of white society in 1950s New York. Led by Wendell Pierce as Willy Loman, it remade Arthur Miller’s play anew, finding not a failure, but a man who couldn’t see his own success, given odds so stacked against him. It was truly tragic. Here critic Dominic Cavendish sits down with Pierce and his castmates – Sharon D Clarke (Linda), Sope Dirisu (Biff) and Natey Jones (Happy) – to discuss the production and its reinterpretation along racial lines. Recorded at the Piccadilly Theatre, 2nd December 2019.

“The concept of freedom for African-Americans is the most cherished thing in the world”