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fanSHEN theatre company, and friends, discuss how theatre changed the world

DEBATE: HOW THEATRE CHANGED THE WORLD — OR DID IT? — A DISCUSSION AROUND ART AND BEHAVIOUR CHANGE Dramaturg Carissa Hope Lynch chairs the discussion, with guests Dan Barnard and Rachel Briscoe (artistic directors, fanSHEN), Stella Duffy (novelist and theatre maker), Lucy Neal (co-founder of LIFT) and Aleks Sierz (critic), during the run of Nikki Schreiber’s Cheese at 29-31 Oxford Street, in a production powered by renewable energy.

Fourth Monkey’s Steve Green discusses Project Colony

INTERVIEW: STEVE GREEN Ella Parry-Davies meets the artistic director of theatre company and training institution Fourth Monkey, along with performers Lauren Young, Abbey Gorton and Euan Forsyth. The company’s latest production, Project Colony, is an immersive, site-sensitive response to Franz Kafka’s In the Penal Colony in London’s Docklands, devised by a 45-strong cast. The group discuss their devising process and the rewards of working in a site that can become a character in its own right.

Teatro Vivo’s interactive and site-specific Odyssey travels across south London

INTERVIEW: SOPHIE AUSTIN The artistic director of Teatro Vivo tells Sophie Reynolds about the company’s latest production – an interactive, promenade performance of The Odyssey, which asks its audience to join the characters on a quest to find the long-lost Odysseus, starting at the Albany Theatre in Lewisham.

Lebanese director Lucien Bourjeily on an arresting 66 Minutes in Damascus

INTERVIEW: LUCIEN BOURJEILY The innovative director talks to Matt Trueman about his interactive and immersive LIFT production 66 Minutes in Damascus, which subjects its audience to a simulated arrest and detention at the hands of the Syrian regime. He also speaks about evading censorship in Lebanon and the ethics and politics of immersive theatre, especially its relationship to thrill and memory.

Hamish Jenkinson travels deep into the Old Vic Tunnels

INTERVIEW: HAMISH JENKINSON The Director of the Old Vic Tunnels tells Sophie Reynolds about how this extraordinary performance space underneath Waterloo Station was discovered, and the way in which it allows the Old Vic Theatre to try out more experimental work.

A new radical spin on The Odyssey in Oxford

INTERVIEW: MADELEINE HYLAND and JAMES ERSKINE A performer with The Factory and the executive director of Creation Theatre talk to Ella Parry-Davies about a new collaboration between the two companies, a staging of Homer’s The Odyssey, directed by Tim Carroll, performed in the Norrington Room in Blackwell’s Bookshop, Broad Street, Oxford, until 28 April.

Ian Rickson discusses his Michael Sheen Hamlet

SHAKESPEARE: HAMLET The director Ian Rickson talks to Heather Neill about his current production of Hamlet (Young Vic), which stars Michael Sheen and has a controversial modern-day setting inside a secure wing of a psychiatric hospital.

Curators of ArtsAdmin’s Wake and Archipelago projects

INTERVIEW: ANNE BEAN and GARY STEVENS The curators of ArtsAdmin’s Wake and Archipelago, a six-week programme of performances and installations taking place concurrently at two galleries in Southwark Park, talk to Diana Damian about the work and other projects.

What is Greyscale’s Theatre Brothel? All is explained…

INTERVIEW: LORNE CAMPBELL Greyscale’s artistic director talks to Diana Damian about Theatre Brothel, the company’s micro-festival currently on at the Almeida Theatre, featuring guest artists Inua Ellams and Pin the Tale, and about how to engage the audience in a different theatrical encounter.

John McGrath unveils the second season for NTW

INTERVIEW: JOHN McGRATH The artistic director of National Theatre Wales gives theatreVOICE an exclusive survey of his programme for the company’s second season, running from this year’s Edinburgh Festival into next year’s Olympic period and concluding in the forests of North Wales in autumn 2012. Dominic Cavendish quizzes.

Roundtable discussing the experimental Sprint festival

SPRINT FESTIVAL SPECIAL Diana Damian talks to Matt Ball, artistic director of Camden People’s Theatre, and Sprint artists Hester Chillingworth (Getinthebackofthevan with External) and Oliver Lamford (Thisnowthis with Anemone) about creating experimental work and the place of audience engagement in contemporary theatre. Recorded in the occasionally noisy foyer of Camden People’s Theatre. More info:

Theatre Delicatessen and the site-specific Souk

13 September 2010

in Directors, Site Specific, Theatre buildings

INTERVIEW: JESSICA BREWSTER The Joint Artistic Director of Theatre Delicatessen talks to Matt Boothman about the company’s occupation of derelict spaces in affluent areas of London, and about Theatre Souk, a ‘theatre marketplace’ in which acts and audiences haggle over what each performance is worth. Recorded at 3-4 Picton Place, London.

Edinburgh 2010: extraordinary David Leddy and Sub Rosa

EDINBURGH 2010 Writer and director David Leddy, of Fire Exit Ltd, talks to Matt Boothman about his critically acclaimed show, Sub Rosa (Hill Street Theatre), a Victorian gothic promenade through a dark world of secrets and revolt. Expletives not deleted. Recorded at the occasionally noisy Underdogs cafe.

Watch This Space: outdoor theatre at the National

INTERVIEW: ANGUS MacKECHNIE The producer of the National Theatre’s Watch This Space events tells Carole Woddis about this 14-week free festival, the longest open-air theatre programme in the land, now in its 12th and most ambitious year. Recorded at the National.

One-on-One Festival of intimate theatre

10 July 2010

in Live Art, Site Specific

INTERACTIVE SPECIAL BAC’s joint artistic director David Jubb talks to Matt Boothman about the venue’s One-on-One Festival, the first ever of intimate theatre which plays to audiences of one person at a time, and then with practitioners Emma Benson (You Me Now) and Sheila Ghelani (Nurse Knows Best). Recorded at BAC (Battersea Arts Centre), including in the noisy foyer.

London International Festival of Theatre

9 July 2010

in Directors, International

INTERVIEW: MARK BALL The new artistic director of the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), introduces Carole Woddis to this year’s programme highlights, discussing site-specific theatre and new audiences, and presents his vision for the future. Recorded at the ICA.

:DELIRIUM: site-specific experimental theatre

18 June 2010

in Directors, Live Art, Site Specific

INTERVIEW: OLLIE KADERBHAL AND POPPY CORBETT The Artistic Director and Associate Director of :D ELIRIUM: talk to Matt Boothman about staging their debut promenade production, Your Nation Loves You, in the Old Vic Tunnels underneath Waterloo station.

non zero one: experimental site-specific performance

15 April 2010

in Live Art, Site Specific

FOCUS ON NON ZERO ONE Founder members Iván Gonzales, Cat Harrison, Fran Miller and Alex Turner talk to Matt Boothman about their site-specific debut show, Would Like To Meet, in which the audience explore a series of environments in the Barbican Centre while led by a voice heard through a pair of headphones. With excerpts from this audio-guided work. Recorded at the Barbican.

Punchdrunk at Manchester International Festival

FOCUS ON SITE-SPECIFIC THEATRE Adam Curtis, documentary-maker, and Felix Barrett, artistic director of Punchdrunk, talk about It Felt Like a Kiss, the story of the American Dream staged in Quay House, a semi-disused building, and already a sell-out at this year’s Manchester International Festival.

Playwright Adam Brace on Stovepipe

INTERVIEW: ADAM BRACE The playwright talks to Aleks Sierz about his debut, Stovepipe (West 12), which is currently being performed as a promenade production under a shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush, after being part of the HighTide festival last year.

Black Watch playwright Gregory Burke

1 July 2008

in New Writing, Playwrights

INTERVIEW: GREGORY BURKE The playwright talks to Philip Fisher about his mega-hit Black Watch (National Theatre of Scotland, 2006), which has just marched triumphantly into London’s Barbican theatre, on its world tour.

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