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Playwright Howard Brenton on his new political play about Partition: Drawing the Line

INTERVIEW: HOWARD BRENTON The political playwright talks to Judi Herman about his latest, Drawing the Line (Hampstead), which tells the turbulent story of the 1947 Partition of India by placing centre stage the figure of Cyril Radcliffe, the man who had to draw the border between India and Pakistan. He also talks about his other recent successes that have brought history to vibrant dramatic life.

TheatreVOICE special: full-length programme about Philip Ridley’s The Fastest Clock in the Universe

THEATREVOICE SPECIAL: THE FASTEST CLOCK IN THE UNIVERSE Special in-depth programme about polymath Philip Ridley’s 1992 classic, The Fastest Clock in the Universe (Hampstead Theatre). Aleks Sierz talks to the legendary playwright, and to the directors of two revivals of the play: Edward Dick, who directed a 2009 production at Hampstead, and Tom O’Brien, whose Old Red Lion version opens this week.

Director and playwright Nine Raine talks about directing Longing

INTERVIEW: NINA RAINE The director and playwright talks to Judi Herman about her current production of novelist William Boyd’s first play, Longing (Hampstead), and about her work with actor Tamsin Greig and designer Lizzie Clachan on that play and on Jumpy (Royal Court, 2011).

Award-winning playwright Simon Stephens rewrites Jarry’s King Ubu

INTERVIEW: SIMON STEPHENS The award-winning playwright talks to Aleks Sierz about his new play, The Trial of Ubu, which is currently at the Hampstead Theatre in a production directed by Katie Mitchell and which features a puppet version of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi (1896).

Playwright Lucinda Coxon on Herding Cats

12 December 2011

in New Writing, Playwrights

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INTERVIEW: LUCINDA COXON The playwright talks to Aleks Sierz about her disturbing new play, Herding Cats, which has transferred to the Hampstead Theatre from the Ustinov in Bath, where it opened last year, and about how the digital technologies and the looming age of austerity impact on our sense of ourselves.

Nicholas Wright on Caroline Blackwood and Wallis Simpson

8 November 2011

in New Writing, Playwrights

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INTERVIEW: NICHOLAS WRIGHT The playwright talks to Aleks Sierz about his latest work, The Last of the Duchess (Hampstead Theatre), which is based on the book of the same name by Caroline Blackwood, and tells the fascinating story of the last years of Wallis Simpson, widow of Edward VIII, who abdicated in 1936.

Designer Alison Chitty on Motley and Mike Leigh’s Grief (2/2)

18 October 2011

in Design, Directors, Theatre People

INTERVIEW: ALISON CHITTY (2/2) The head of the Motley Theatre Design Course talks to Carole Woddis about her career and her current work on Mike Leigh’s Grief (National Theatre).

Playwright Steve Thompson gets a laugh out of Monty Python

20 September 2011

in Comedy, New Writing, Playwrights

INTERVIEW: STEVE THOMPSON The playwright chats to Aleks Sierz about his latest comedy, No Naughty Bits (Hampstead Theatre), which tells the story of the censorship of Monty Python’s Flying Circus in the United States in 1975, and puts a fictional Michael Palin on stage.

Legendary South African playwright Athol Fugard interviewed

INTERVIEW: ATHOL FUGARD Ahead of the UK premiere of his latest play, The Train Driver, at Hampstead Theatre, South Africa’s leading playwright, now 78, a key figure in the artistic struggle against Apartheid, talks to Dominic Cavendish about the play, his career and his feelings of disillusion about the state of his country today. Recorded at the Hampstead Theatre.

Career overview: playwright Dennis Kelly

NEW WRITING: DENNIS KELLY The playwright gives a career overview to Aleks Sierz, talking about his plays, Debris (2003), Osama the Hero (2005), After the End (2005), Love and Money (2007), Taking Care of Baby (2007), and Orphans (2008). Recorded at Narrative in Drama, the 19th Annual Conference of the German Society for Contemporary Drama in English, held in Paderborn. Substantial extract. Expletives not deleted. (Edited transcript available as ‘Narrative in Contemporary Drama (Dennis Kelly in Conversation with Aleks Sierz)’, in Merle Tönnies and Christina Flotmann (eds), Narrative in Drama (CDE 18), Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2011.)

Playwright Jonathan Harvey on his gay epic

12 April 2010

in Gay Drama, Playwrights

INTERVIEW: JONATHAN HARVEY The playwright talks to Aleks Sierz about his latest play, Canary, an epic which charts gay history over 50 years, in an ambitious co-production between the Liverpool Playhouse, Hampstead Theatre and the English Touring Theatre. Recorded at the ETT.

Dennis Kelly and Maria Aberg: The Gods Weep

INTERVIEW: DENNIS KELLY AND MARIA ABERG The playwright and director of The Gods Weep, a Royal Shakespeare Company production at the Hampstead Theatre, starring Jeremy Irons, talk to Aleks Sierz about this epic play, which depicts the descent into an apocalyptic nightmare of Colm, its turbo-charged capitalist protagonist. Recorded at the RSC.

Michael Pennington talks Chekhov

CHEKHOV SPECIAL Actor Michael Pennington talks to Heather Neill about A Jubilee for Anton Chekhov (Hampstead Theatre), a week-long event hosted by him and Chekhov specialist Rosamund Bartlett which celebrates the playwright’s 150th anniversary and aims to raise money to save the White Dacha in Yalta, where he wrote some of his greatest plays.

Playwright Michael Punter: seasonal shivers

16 December 2009

in New Writing, Playwrights

INTERVIEW: MICHAEL PUNTER The playwright talks to Aleks Sierz about his sensational ghost story, Darker Shores (Hampstead), a seasonal Victorian tale featuring spiritualism, seances and haunting, which raises questions about belief and about Darwinism. Recorded at Hampstead Theatre.

Young playwright Atiha Sen Gupta: What Fatima Did…

29 October 2009

in Asian Voices, New Writing, Playwrights

ASIAN VOICES: ATIHA SEN GUPTA The young playwright talks to Suman Bhuchar about What Fatima Did… (Hampstead), her debut play about a 17-year-old Muslim who decides to start wearing the hijab, raising issues of identity and freedom. Expletives not deleted.

James Roose-Evans career overview (2/2)

5 October 2009

in Books, Directors, Playwrights

INTERVIEW: JAMES ROOSE-EVANS (2/2) The director, writer and actor continues his reminiscences of his long career, with anecdotes about his greatest hit, 84 Charing Cross Road, Martha Graham, Kenneth Williams, the Bleddfa Centre, and his interest in psychotherapy and spirituality. Recorded at Chalk Farm Library, London.

James Roose-Evans career overview (1/2)

5 October 2009

in Books, Directors, Producers

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INTERVIEW: JAMES ROOSE-EVANS (1/2) The director, writer and actor talks to Aleks Sierz about his memoirs, Opening Doors and Windows (History Press) and Finding Silence (a volume of meditations), with anecdotes about the founding of Hampstead Theatre, and the avant-garde of the 1950s and 1960s. Recorded at Chalk Farm Library, London.

Playwright April De Angelis on Amongst Friends

29 May 2009

in Feminism, New Writing, Playwrights

INTERVIEW: APRIL DE ANGELIS The playwright talks to Aleks Sierz about her latest black comedy, Amongst Friends (currently at the Hampstead), set in a gated community, and about her career, which started in acting and in the feminist theatre of the 1980s.

Playwright Alexis Zegerman on her debut

6 November 2008

in New Writing, Playwrights

INTERVEW: ALEXIS ZEGERMAN The actor and playwright chats to Aleks Sierz about her full-length debut, Lucky Seven (Hampstead), which was inspired by the 1963 Seven Up! television documentary series, as well as about working as a theatre and film actor with director Mike Leigh.

Playwright Steve Waters on Fast Labour

3 June 2008

in New Writing, Playwrights

INTERVIEW: STEVE WATERS (1/2) The playwright tells Aleks Sierz about his new play, Fast Labour (Hampstead/West Yorks Playhouse), which is about Victor, a migrant worker from the Ukraine.

Robin Soans discusses celebrity casualties and verbatim drama

19 September 2007

in Playwrights, Verbatim Drama

INTERVIEW: ROBIN SOANS The actor and writer talks to Philip Fisher about his verbatim theatre piece, Life after Scandal, at the Hampstead Theatre. Celebrities discussed include Neil and Christine Hamilton, Charles and Diana Ingram, Jonathan Aitken and Edwina Currie. Plus: Soans’ acting career and the birth of ‘in-yer-face’ theatre…

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