Julia Pascal and Ailin Conant: war crimes, guilt and trauma in Nineveh

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The writer and director of Nineveh (Riverside Studios) talk to Judi Herman about Theatre Témoin’s powerful play, born of Conant’s year speaking to ex soldiers about the trauma of guilt, explored by Pascal through the Biblical story of Jonah, the prophet swallowed by a whale in punishment for not taking God’s word to Nineveh. Recorded at Riverside Studios, 21 April 2013.

A Russian journalist said to me after the first night that this play feels as if it’s been written by a man, and from that I took that for most people it’s not expected that women write about war or direct war on stage. I think it’s very important that women do and I have written about it, and why not!

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Patricia Perry May 4, 2013 at 11:02 pm

Hello Julia.
Thank you. A fascinating discussion.
It’s not just men won’t speak to women about trauma, women won’t talk about it either. Sometimes a strange or funny memory might be mentioned but in general the real nasties get well locked away. Other people may be curious but they don’t want to know. How can they? Talking about it is not necessarily healing, it can be like picking at a scab and bleeding again.
Is it possible to cure trauma? Or is the art learning to live with it?
All good wishes for the production.


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